Directions for Submission:

1. Download the release form and fill it out.

2. Email a link to the project to Use subject line "UTV62 Submission_ (add a space between underscore and name) NAME Of Primary Contact" Ex: UTV62 Submission_ John Doe

3. In the body of the email write: the title of the project, project length, a short synopsis of the project and the name(s) of the creators.

4. Attach completed release form to email or submit it to the UTV Submissions box located in the Media Innovation Center, Room 101, Communication Building (bldg.# 16).

IMPORTANT: Projects will not be accepted without a signed release form.

After Submission:

1. Submission will be reviewed by UTV62 staff.

2. You will be emailed if your project has been accepted.

3. If accepted, you will receive further instructions on how to proceed.

General Guidelines:

1. No copyrighted material.

2. Must be made by a current student(s).

3. Must be a minimum 30 sec but not longer than 30 minutes.

4. No graphic violence or nudity (sexual content).

Questions? Email with your question in the subject line.