The NAU Student Film Festival is hosted every Spring Semester at NAU to showcast NAU student's short films.

This year's event will be hosted at The Orpheum in Downtown Flagstaff on Sunday, May 7th. Doors open at 6pm, and the event starts at 7pm. Tickets will be $9 for students with ID, $11 for the public and an additional fee if ordered online through The Orpheum website (

Are you interested in submitting a film to the NAU Student Film Festival?

Here’s how: Students are required to submit their short films (fiction or non-fiction) by Thursday, May 4th, 2017 at 5:00pm. Students must upload their films to Vimeo and or YouTube.

If you don’t have a Vimeo or YouTube account, you will need to create an account. Then...

1) Make your uploaded video “Private”

2) Make a password for your private video

3) Send the link and the password to: which much include the link and the password for the video. This is different from your personal Username and Password. The password for your Private video will only be seen and used by the judges to view your submission.

Filmmakers must also submit a Film Release Form, Talent Release Form, and Sign Up Form for all actors in their films to These three forms can be found below. Filmmakers will also need to include with their submission, a well-lit picture, and a 1-3 line synopsis of their film. 

Rules and Guidelines:

1) Any film that is submitted after 5:00pm on May 4th, 2017 will be considered as late and therefore will not be eligible.

2) Your film maximum time is between 15-20mins.

3) Only one submission per person! This means you cannot have directed or produced two films, as it is a conflict of interest and will not be accepted if there is more than one.

4) Cannot use any logos in their films. Logos must be blurred out.

5) People must gain permission from locations in order to use in their films.

6) Excessive nudity and gore is not allowed.

7) Profanity not recommended unless necessary to the story.

8) Follow all copyright guidelines for images and music.

9) Film can be no older than 2016. All must have been currently worked on in 2016 to be eligible. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Film Festival Director, Anthony Violissi, at
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1. NAU Student Film Festival Sign Up Form
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2. NAU Student Film Festival Talent Release Form
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3. NAU Student Film Festival Release Form
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